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Hey, I was wondering if you had any hd photos or screen caps of Elsa in her coronation dress? And if so could you either reblog them or post them and tag me possibly? Thanks so much pal. Your blog gives me life.

idk if its HD or not but there’s a GREAT reference post for elsa’s coronation dress made by arendellekingdom, i hope this helps you friend!!!

i’ll be on the lookout for hd elsa posts, i’ll keep your url in mind!!!!

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*gives you random bear hug*

awwwww hehehe thank you /w\

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What are we gonna do?

Let the storm rage on.

Title: Cr1tichuckle
Artist: Cr1tikal
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A Cr1tikal chuckle and laugh compilation.




Cr1TiKaL jump scare reactions.

these subtitles really dont convey how genuinely apathetic he is. his tone literally doesnt change at all.


MK x AC part 1

Can’t wait for this DLC!!

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"You can do something to help the Gorons in the mine too, can’t you, Link?"


Glameow - Palette 7


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